Filippo Vanucci | Innit Smart Kitchen

Innit Smart Kitchen

Interactive Kitchen
Innit Loft at Pirch store, New York City, 2016

Innit’s proprietary food sensing technology will sense the products in your refrigerator, notify you when items are about to expire, and recommend recipes based on the ingredients you have in stock.
Before Innit’s product hits the market, Innit tapped Potion to visualize a “kitchen of the future” at retail giant Pirch’s flagship SoHo store.

As the Lead Software Developer I was responsible for defining the software architecture and development schedule. I also worked on integrating the Innit core technology and API into our custom C++/Cinder software, and was responsible for the development of the Prep Station.

Lead Software Developer
At the Tabletop, visitors can curate recipes from culinary powerhouses: Good Housekeeping, Bon Appetit, New York Times, Epicurious. From a composed plate of food, visitors can expand the “recipe aura” and interrogate each ingredient: nutrition information, when it expires, allergens, calories, quantities.
When you’re ready to cook, cameras in the refrigerator and above the cutting board at the Prep Station sense specific ingredients. Based on your selected recipe, the Prep Station walks visitors through detailed step-by-step instructions on cooking the perfect meal.
Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Heather Velez
Creative Director: Matthew McNerney
Lead Developer: Filippo Vanucci
Developers: Clay Budin, Brian McGaw
UX Designer: Marcy Mayer

Photos courtesy of Potion