Filippo Vanucci | Art Institute of Chicago iOS App 2.0

Art Institute of Chicago iOS App 2.0

iPhone App
Art Institute of Chicago, 2018

Potion has designed and developed the Art Institute of Chicago’s official mobile application.
Like having a tour guide in your pocket, the App uncovers the hidden stories of the museum through quirky, conversational, audio-based storytelling. Thematic tours, conceptualized and created by the museum, take visitors on journeys through the latest exhibitions, celebrity favorites, and museum classics. To provide physical guidance, Potion used Apple’s Core Location with a customized MapKit implementation to create indoor positioning with pinpoint accuracy. Using both visual and text-based search, visitors can navigate to departments of interest, find a specific work of art even without knowing its name, and discover the story behind each artwork in the museum’s collection.

My role was to lead the development of version 2.0 of the app, which includes a complete redesign of each section of the app; the ability to search artworks, exhibitions and tours; support for 2 additional languages: Spanish and Chinese; enhanced map functionality that allows looking for amenities such as restaurants, restrooms, gift shops and the members lounge; addition of a calendar of events taking place at the museum.

Lead Software Developer
Drupal CMS
Potion Team
Producer: Nikolai Soudek
Lead Designer: Nic Sanchez
Designer: Cathy Sun
UX Designer: Marcy Mayer
Lead Developer: Filippo Vanucci
Back-End Developer: Noah Biavaschi