Filippo Vanucci | ArtLens Gallery

ArtLens Gallery

Interactive Exhibit
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, 2017

ArtLens is an experimental gallery space where visitors can explore art through the lenses of digital technology. Working with the museum curators, our team at Potion designed an experience where users can understand and connect with artworks using their body. The exhibition includes 6 large scale wall projections that allow you to explore more than 1000 artworks from the museum collection by playing 16 different interactive games. Each of these 6 stations is equipped with a Microsoft Kinect depth camera.

As a Software Developer I contributed to many aspects of this project. In particular, I was in charge of the development of the attract animation, 2 menu interfaces, 3 games that use hand gesture interaction and the Mashup game which creates a face morphing between the visitor and an artwork character. I also worked on the integration of 3D models into the C++/Cinder app using Sketchfab ( and Chromium Embedded Framework.

Software Developer

This carousel animation is displayed on the wall projections when no user is detected in the designated interactive area.
In the animation each artwork, one by one, moves and grows bigger in the center of the screen. Artworks such as sculptures have a 360 png image sequence that allows the viewer to examine all sides of the object. I worked on a tool to load these 360 images on a separate thread to preserve the software performance.

When a visitor approaches the interactive by walking in front of it, a menu opens up. The visitor can use hand gestures to drag and drop an artwork into the ArtLens logo, to select it.

Museums and the Web Awards 2018
Silver, APEX Awards 2018: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Award of Excellence, Communication Arts Awards 2018: Interactive/Environmental/Art/Design
Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producers: Abby Palmer, Nikolai Soudek
Development Producer: Drew Radtke
Creative Director: Matthew McNerney
Designers: Edyta Lewicka, Ruth Chung, Rhea Laroya, Cathy Sun
Lead Developer: Steve Varga
Developers: Filippo Vanucci, Cameron Browning, Ritesh Lala, Luobin Wang