Filippo Vanucci | Biblion: Frankenstein

Biblion: Frankenstein

iPad App
New York Public Library, 2012

Potion collaborated with the New York Public Library to create Biblion:Frankenstein for iPad. The application features articles and stories about the literary production of the Shelley family, and original hand-written documents and manuscripts, including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel.

As a Software Developer I focused on creating a 3D visual representation of these manuscripts that defines the space in which the individual stories and articles can be accessed. This virtual space is algorithmically generated using poCode and it's the result of an iterative process of prototyping, trying to visually represent the different manuscripts in a cohesive 3D shape. By tilting the device to landscape orientation, users can see how each segment of the shape corresponds to a different literary collection, and they can directly access those documents.

Software Developer
Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2013
Editor's Choice, iTunes App Store
Featured App, iTunes App Store
Parents' Choice Awards
Potion Team
Principals: Phillip Tiongson, Jared Schiffman

Producer: Allison Farber

Art Director: Caroline Oh

Developers: Xiaoyang Feng, Josh Fisher, Steve Varga, Filippo Vanucci

Photos courtesy of Potion