Filippo Vanucci | MeLaβ


Interactive Exhibit
Frost Museum of Science, Miami, 2017

MeLaβ is an entire multimedia exhibit dedicated to teaching visitors about the importance of taking care of their bodies.
Situated in the largest gallery of the brand new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum, the MeLaβ invites visitors to discover how daily choices affect their health and wellness. Here, visitors become their own experiment across five interactive zones—Learn, Eat, Relax, Exercise, and Connect—which explore the amazing ways their bodies and minds come together.

Tying the whole MeLaβ experience together is Beta — a completely customizable companion that visitors create to accompany their health journey. After exploring a learning zone, visitors can log in at a Beta Station to share what they’ve learned and unlock a new costume or accessory for their Beta. The more questions you answer, the more you can customize your Beta, and the more you learn about yourself: Beta changes as you change. Visitors can even pool their data with other visitors’ and see the results in real time on a giant screen, comparing the crowd’s choices with your own. Before leaving, visitors can set a healthy goal to pursue at home (and inspire others!), and can revisit their goal and their time at the MeLaβ via a personalized web page. Since opening the exhibit in May 2017, many thousands of visitors have created their custom Betas, and set their health goals — over 5,000 a month. The Betas not only provide the Museum with a helpful metric to measure the continued engagement and interest of their visitors but they can also update onsite content in response to that engagement.

Lead Developer
Concept and Technology Specs
iOS Development
Wordpress CMS + API

Swift / iOS
PHP / Wordpress
C++ / Cinder
Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Heather Velez
Creative Director: Matthew McNerney
Lead Designer: Edyta Lewicka
Lead Developers: Filippo Vanucci, Tamar Ziv
Developers: Ritesh Lala, Luobin Wang, Brian McGaw
Sound Design: Brian McGaw