Filippo Vanucci | Memory Koi

Memory Koi

Interactive Touch Table
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, 2019

The “Memory Koi” is a virtual koi pond created as a relaxation environment for the patients in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s new Cancer Care center. Digital koi fish wander across more than 25ft of “pond” displaying different kinds of behavior. They can be calm, excited, inquisitive, or scared. At times they can school together creating a soothing animation, they can be fed by visitors, and they can even deliver messages of encouragement. Visitors can engage with the pond simply dragging their finger through the water and koi respond by following user touch.

Lead Software Developer
Over the course of the day, the color and lighting changes to match the time until it slowly transfers to the dark cool tones of night. Throughout the year, it also transitions from the full foliage of summer to the ice, stone, and leafless trees of winter to always keep visitors engaged.
Producer: Nikolai Soudek
Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Designer: Cathy Sun
Lead Developer: Filippo Vanucci
Unity Developer: Tim Sun