Filippo Vanucci | PostSecret Universe

PostSecret Universe

Mobile App
Harper Collins and Frank Warren, 2015

Potion collaborated with HarperCollins and Frank Warren to create the PostSecret Universe app for iPhone and iPad: a digital collection of secrets and stories curated by the artist Frank Warren. The app brings together over five hundred secrets, including postcards, artworks, objects, digital secrets, audio recordings, emails and video clips.
Potion created a 3D environment in the app that binds secrets together in a unique sequence. Users can follow a thread curated by Frank, or explore the meaning behind secrets curated by the PostSecret community. In a unique process, we engaged the PostSecret community to provide a semantic understanding of secrets by sharing the meaning, feelings and emotions triggered by individual secrets.

As a Software Developer I was responsible for the development of the secret close-up view, the phrases tags view and the audio player. I also worked on the CMS and data importing scripts, and created a survey website that was used to collect tags and phrases from the PostSecret Community.

Software Developer
UI Kit
Featured App, iTunes App Store
Potion Team
Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Holly Houghton
Designer: Edyta Lewicka
Video Animations: Caroline Oh
Developers: Benjamin Bojko, Filippo Vanucci, Josh Fisher

Photos courtesy of Potion