Filippo Vanucci | Rights in the Courts

Rights in the Courts

Touchscreen Kiosk
Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, 2014

Rights in the Courts, Potion's interactive exhibit for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, invites visitors to enter a discourse on landmark human rights cases that went before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Three overhead screens play documentary-style videos about Supreme Court cases, which vary in subject from treaty rights to bullying in schools. Visitors can express their opinion on the case, responding with a simple “yes” or “no” using one of fifteen interactive touchscreens. The software immediately tallies and displays the votes for that session back to the visitors, and compares them to the cumulative votes of previous museum-goers and to the final Supreme Court decision.

I was responsible for developing the touchscreen software and implementing the accessibility technology. This interactive is fully compliant with accessibility standards. Visually-impaired users can interact using a Universal Key Pad to control the zoom level or activate a custom screen-reader software to browse through the different elements of the UI. All the content can be accessed in English and French.

Software Developer
Custom Screen-Reader Software
Principal: Phillip Tiongson
Producer: Heather Velez
Developers: Josh Fisher, Filippo Vanucci

Photos courtesy of Potion