Filippo Vanucci | Time Table

Time Table

Interactive Touch Table
BLDG 92, Brooklyn Navy Yard Center, 2011

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Visitor Center, the Time Table documents 400 years of American history as it has progressed through the waters of the East River and Wallabout Bay. In five minutes at the table, visitors can see the evolution of the yard and quickly gain a sense of the site’s history. Visitors can watch the Time Table evolve, or they can dive deeper by touching any of the sites displayed on the map. These sites feature buildings, boats and even the BQE. Visitors can access photographs, illustrations and text describing the state of the site at different points in time.

Software Developer
HOW Interactive Design Award
Potion Team
Principal: Jared Schiffman
Producer: Abby Palmer
Designer: Elise Porter
Illustrator: Ben Bronstein
Developers: Filippo Vanucci, Josh Fisher
Sound Design: Hellyn Teng

Photos courtesy of Potion